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Remco Veenbrink, Mark Oudenhoven


VideowindoW is a transparent videoscreen embedded into glass. The content on this screen doubles as glare control. VideowindoW can monetize a glass façade in multiple ways: by showing commercial content, by increasing comfort and experience and by reducing the costs of energy for interior illumination and climate control. Unlike any other glare control product VideowindoW combines unique advantages: transparent, non-mechanical, instant, gradual, maintenance-free and part of a smart IOT window system. On top of being a highly innovative glare control solution, VideowindoW is a communication platform that generates revenue and enables an artistic experience. VideowindoW truly adds value to glass. Targeting airports as its beachhead market VideowindoW helps to increase non-aviation revenue. Though passenger numbers are increasing worldwide, 7 out of 10 airports still operate at a net loss. Necessary expenditures to ensure passenger comfort further aggravate this. VideowindoW is the only comprehensive answer to airports’ challenges. Having recently signed our first customer, VideowindoW aims to expand globally by teaming up with senior industry experts and regional market insiders.


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