Accelerator program

Set the foundation of your business and gain experience with attracting funding and investors. You prepare for rapid acceleration with the help of our experts, and through workshops and one-on-one sessions. You step up from being a co-founder to a CEO. As a part of the YES!Delft ecosystem, you receive continued support: build your dream team with YES!Talents, keep on track with periodic check-ins, secure funding with YES!Funded and continue learning from experienced entrepreneurs and experts with customized and focussed sessions. YES!Delft takes zero equity in supporting you to become a genuinely scalable, innovative tech company.


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Accelerator program

Application deadline 17-01-2020
Selection day 04-02-2020
Start date 02-03-2020
End date 10-07-2020


You work intensively on building entrepreneurial skills and plan for growth. You receive workshops on everything from setting up a legal entity to masterclasses on sales and negotiations. Experienced entrepreneurs and experts from the ecosystem offer customized and focussed sessions to help you accelerate your growth.


Startups with a stable and fully committed founding team and a validated product-market fit, and an idea that is competitive, unique, and scalable.


You receive access to the one of a kind YES!Delft ecosystem with experienced trainers will guide and help you in building your strategy. YES!Delft takes zero equity but instead works on a split success fee which is reinvested into the incubator.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be very diversely skilled - finding great employees, cold sales, technically understanding your product. But the most important skill is something we learned in the YES!Delft Accelerator. They force you to go out, meet your customer/user and understand the smallest aspects about their life and how your product could be valuable to them.

When building a company, entrepreneurs have to be all-round problem solvers, managing people, doing sales, building products, talking to customers and attracting funding. With 13 years of experience we help our start-ups focus, enhance their skillset, support them every area imaginable and allow them to stand on their own feet as soon as possible.

Pieter Smakman

Co-Founder Manometric


Startup Trainer YES!Delft



You build a strong company foundation. As your startup grows, continue learning and stay on top of your development with regular check-ins and specialized masterclasses tailored to your needs.


Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and experts who walked the walk. Learn from the best about everything from legal/IP to a financial strategy, to the company structure, become investor-ready, and how to find your launching customer.


Keep on learning from your peers and pass on your own knowledge and experience: that’s how we thrive as a community and ecosystem. And don’t forget to celebrate success! 

Accelerator program

Application deadline 17-01-2020
Selection day TBD
Start date 02-03-2020
End date TBD

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