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Over the past century, the usage of biotechnology expanded from applications in food production to agriculture, pharma, and production of biochemicals. Nowadays, this technology offers a bigger opportunity than ever. This is why Biotech Campus Delft, Royal DSM, and YES!Delft are joining forces. Are you ready to realize your potential?


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The Biotech Campus Delft, its main stakeholder Royal DSM, and YES!Delft understand the challenges of operating a startup in this field due to the capital investments, scale up hurdles and long development times related to it. Together we are determined to support the start-ups in this field through a 10-week part time program to define a clear strategy to success.

For who

Startups with at least two committed founders in industrial biotech, with application in food, fuel, bio-based molecules, and biomaterials.


The next level biotechnology enables the transition towards a circular bio-based economy: we will move away from non-renewable fossil sources, diminish greenhouse gas emissions and address future challenges related to food, health & energy.

We merged forces with YES!Delft to support biotech start-ups in their growth journey, we believed that YES!Delft’s experience and reputation in tech incubation together with our biotech knowledge was the perfect formula for success. Moreover, getting into the YES!Delft ecosystem — where startups, mentors, partners and experts are sharing knowledge -- is amazing. This is how innovation can thrive!

Carolina Villa

Campus Development Manager -Biotech Campus Delft

Ecosystem Partners

Meet our BioTech ecosystem partners that make this Validation Lab possible


Meet our dedicated BioTech mentors that help your startup thrive


The Biotech Mentors from DSM for the Biotech Validation Lab

In February 2019, Biotech Campus Delft, its main stakeholder Royal DSM, and YES!Delft started a partnership culminating in a dedicated Biotech Validation Lab starting in May. As all the startup programs from YES!Delft, this one attracted many exceptional mentors that will guide the entrepreneurs in the program. Specifically for the Biotech Validation Lab, the biotech […]

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We launched Biotech Focus Area

Biotech Campus Delft and YES!Delft partner up to support promising European biotech startups Delft, February 11, 2019 – Biotech Campus Delft together with its main stakeholder Royal DSM and YES!Delft have partnered up to support biotechnology startups through a special Biotech Validation Lab. As of today, (industrial) biotech startups can apply to join the program […]

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