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Since 2005 we have built a broad portfolio of startups in Deep Technologies including Nanotech, AgriTech, Off Shore industry solutions, and Mobility. Since then we successfully supported 200+ Deep Tech startups developing everything from high-tech scoot mobiles to inkless printers, that most of all solve real-life problems and make an impact in the world. 

The Deep Tech Validation Lab is open for all complex technology startups, from CleanTech to Robotics, and from Aviation to NanoTech. With this program we support entrepreneurs who build complex products in challenging markets, often with a run-up time, long development trajectories, and expensive prototyping involved. 

By participating in the Validation Lab, you acquire the right skills, receive an extensive toolset, and start tackling the biggest challenges you’ll face during the whole lifecycle of your startup. Joining the program allows you to validate your business idea, talking to many customers, and find your Problem-Solution Fit, whilst learning about different aspects of your business, e.g. legal, funding, and team.


Application deadline 06-01-2021
Selection day 13-01-2021
Start date 26-01-2021
End date 07-04-2021


A 10-week part time program to find your problem-solution fit and talk to 100+ potential customers. In this pressure cooker, you will find your problem-solution fit and get access to our broad ecosystem of corporate partners, investors and launching customers.

For who

We exclusively support tech startups with game-changing technology. We are looking for ambitious teams with at least two committed co-founders.


We understand what you are going through – long development processes, expensive prototyping, run-up time, etcetera. Our program is suitable for your complex technology ideas. With support from our ecosystem, your idea will be able to become a successful business


Join the Online Info Session and get a taste of what it is like at the tech incubator and ask all your questions in just an hour

YES!Delft really feels like the best place to be settled as a tech-based startup. In between the TU Delft and many other great facilities and companies this really is the place to launch your business to become a leading firm in the industry

As an entrepreneur I recognise many of the challenges that these startups face. I find it very inspiring to share my experience and helping these startups become successful entrepreneurs, It feels great being part of the YES!Delft ecosystem!

Julian Jagtenberg

Co-Founder SOMNOX


Deep Tech Validation Lab Mentor


Meet our dedicated Deep Tech mentors that help your startup thrive


Application deadline 06-01-2021
Selection day 13-01-2021
Start date 26-01-2021
End date 07-04-2021


Smart-Ship: Control levers that help you make informed decisions in real-time

Ships experience a lot of forces sailing through head waves on the open sea. Information systems onboard monitor those forces and notify the crew about changes in their surroundings, yet there seems to be a problem. “The information from the automation systems is transferred in such a way that the human operator doesn’t understand what […]

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Villari develops wireless sensors to monitor aging infrastructure

Aging infrastructure is a growing concern for authorities across Europe, requiring them to look for more innovative monitoring tools as time goes by. Moving steel structures, in particular, ask for regular inspections and, increasingly so, maintenance. Monitoring those manually can be a challenge, so Olivier Baas and Hugo Romer, co-founders of Villari, took it upon […]

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Warp VR YES!Delft success story

Warp VR: Learning by experience, with the help of virtual reality

For large organizations, carrying out safety and procedural trainings for their staff can often be time-consuming and costly. Just think of a fire drill: You need to plan for it, book a designated time slot and make sure that everyone has evacuated the premises according to the established evacuation plan. This is certainly a crucial […]

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