Anything Connected was founded in 2016. We offer hardware to build your Internet of Things in 24 hours. We help companies to figure out whether their equipment is still working properly, equipment such as factory production lines, large food stocks or solar panel parks. Our solution consists of a universal sensor sticker for predictive maintenance, that can simply be stuck to any type of equipment, meaning anyone can quickly install it. It will then measure Movement, Orientation, Vibration, Electric Activity and Temperature, which covers data collection in 80% of the use cases we encounter. As soon as maintenance is necessary, the sticker sends out a distress signal, so that a potential crisis can be prevented!

Why YES!Delft?

After coming into contact with Yes!Delft during his studies, our founder Frederik was inspired to pursue entrepreneurship. Several years later, Yes!Delft also proved to be the best choice for a hardware focused startup such as ourselves. Yes!Delft has the best coaches, the biggest network and great office where we can be a part of the innovation community of The Netherlands.

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