02I have a tech startup and would like to join YES!Delft.

When you have a tech startup based on an innovative and scalable business idea, and you have considered your business model and market, you are welcome to apply for our programs. Find more information on our programs here or fill in our application form directly here. As soon as we’ve read your document, you will receive a follow-up email about the procedure.

03I am not sure which program suits me? Can I meet with you?

We kindly invite you to join a YES!Delft info session with Emma Kluwen, YES!Delft Startup Scout (4pm – 5pm, Friday afternoon drinks afterwards). During the info session you’ll have the opportunity to meet with the YES!Delft team and entrepreneurs, get a glimpse of the incubator, ask questions about your idea & company and learn more about the programs we offer to entrepreneurs. You can find the upcoming info session dates & apply here.

04I'm interested in joining YES!Delft as coach/mentor for the startups. How can I do that?

YES!Delft has a broad network of coaches and mentors and carefully selects those people that supplement our ecosystem and answer to the need of our startups. All coaches work on voluntary basis and in full confidentiality with regard to our startups. Aspiring mentors and coaches can send an email to [email protected].

05I would like to visit an event at YES!Delft. How can I subscribe?

Most of our events are invite-only to guarantee YES!Delft’s core principles of putting the ‘entrepreneurs interest first’ and ‘join forces to fuel success’. This means that everybody involved with YES!Delft contributes to bringing entrepreneurship to the next level. Would you like to stay up to date about what happens? Subscribe to our newsletter and read our latest news here!

06I want to perform research into startups/incubators. Can I conduct an interview with you?

YES!Delft exists of a rather small team that is devoted to facilitating entrepreneurs in building tomorrow’s leading firms. This means that we are unfortunately not always available for interviews. If you want to know more about what we do as an incubator, please find more information here. Also, feel free to contact our startups for enquiries directly. Find an overview of all our startups and their contactdetails here.

07I'm an investor and would like to become part of YES!Delft. How can I do that?

YES!Delft treasures its network of investors and we are constantly looking to expand it. The importance of (seed-) capital is evident for the success of startups. That’s why we offer (potential) investors the possibility to stay informed on the opportunities at YES!Delft through an Investors’ Newsletter.

08I would like to work for one of your startups. Are there any vacancies?

If you are looking for a startup job , go to our startup jobs or find the overview of all our startups and contact them directly.

09I would like to organize an event or meeting in your incubator. How can I do that?

In our incubator we have several meeting and conference rooms. If you would like to book one of these rooms, please go to www.tdvg.nl and send them your requests. If you are organising an event and want to have YES!Delft involved, send an email to [email protected].

10I have an interesting commercial offering for the startups of YES!Delft. Could you help me promote this?

We focus on making the right connections and create joined forces to fuel success. With a great network of all different parties we serve the best ecosystem for our entrepreneurs. To become part of this network, send us an email and your company details will be placed on our internal community platform. Startups will then be able to contact & recommend you to others.

11I would like to promote my event within your network. How can I do that?

If you want to promote your startup event, please fill in this form and we will consider it for the promoting it on our internal channel UNION.

12I want to become a YES!Delft partner. Is that possible?

We are always interested in new partners. Within the ecosystem of YES!Delft our main priority is to connect our entrepreneurs to the right partners, to facilitate valuable collaborations. YES!Delft doesn’t take equity and therefore partners are of high importance to keep the organisation and ecosystem up and running. The minimal amount for a partnership is €30.000,- each year. The construction of the partnership is always customized and we would like to discuss the opportunities with you. Any free services will not result in a lower partnership fee and we encourage you to maximize the opportunities for cooperation between you and the entrepreneurs. Please learn more about our corporate partnerships here and contact our manager partnerships Sunny de Roo.

13I want to rent an office in the YES!Delft building

For renting an office we kindly refer you to the owner of the building: TDVG.