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How do I stay informed about what’s happening at YES!Delft?

In terms of events, you can check the Events Page on our website. If you wanna read the latest news about YES!Delft you can subscribe to our newsletter, check our News Page or start following us on LinkedIn.

How do I know about events happening at YES!Delft and how can I register to participate

You can find all our events on the Events Page on our website. 

If you want to register you need to be aware that most of our events are invite-only to guarantee YES!Delft’s core principles of putting the ‘entrepreneurs interest first’ and ‘join forces to fuel success’. 

How many event spaces do you have at YES!Delft

We have 3 main options: the Auditorium (90p), Business Lounge (40p), and Greenhouse (30p). For more formal meetings we also have the Executive Room (20p). For larger events, we can arrange the Main Hall for you, where there is room for up to 200 people. Please send an email to events@yesdelft.nl if you want to rent our event space.

How can I rent an event-space at YES!Delft?

If you want to organize an event without the involvement of YES!Delft, please, contact the building owner here.

Can I organize an event at YES!Delft with your help?

We organize events together with our partners in order to support the startups, or solve our partners’ challenges with startup innovations. However, if you are not a partner we might be able to arrange something together as well. Send your idea to events@yesdelft.nl to submit your event idea.

Who do I need to contact to request a collaboration with YES!Delft, for the event I’m organizing

As YES!Delft we’re always eager to collaborate with different startup and tech related events and conferences, both in and outside The Netherlands. We already collaborated with the biggest European tech conferences like TNW, VivaTech, Hello Tomorrow, etc. 

If you want to partner up with us please send your request to marketing@yesdelft.nl and we will make sure to come back to you as soon as possible.

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