Office and Locations

Where is YES!Delft?

YES!Delft has three different locations in Zuid Holland, The Netherlands. Our headquarter is in Delft, we’re on the southern part of the TU Delft Campus. The address for the Delft HQ is Molengraaffsingel 12, 2629JD Delft (Google Maps Directions). In 2018 we opened our Digital Hub in The Hague in collaboration with the Gemeente Den Haag. The address for the The Hague office Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35, 2595 AN Den Haag (Google Maps Directions). In November 2020 we will open a new office at Erasmus University Rotterdam. We’re part of the Erasmus Enterprise organization in order to promote, stimulate, and accelerate entrepreneurship at the EUR. 

Is YES!Delft only based in Delft? Are there other locations?

We have three locations, one in Delft, one in The Hague, and another one in Rotterdam.

Why YES!Delft hase offices in different cities

The reason is that we believe in the concept of a regional incubator, where different startup ecosystems can work together and build one of the best startup regions in Europe.

I would like to rent an office at YES!Delft, is it possible?

For renting an office we kindly refer you to the owner of the building: TDVG. Startups in our programs or ecosystem have priority compared to other startups or businesses.

Is YES!Delft a co-working place?

No, we don’t sell memberships or desks inside YES!Delft. If you want to rent an office you can contact TDVG directly. Startups in our programs or ecosystem have priority compared to other startups or businesses.

Do you have common areas for meetings, labs, manufacturing?

Yes, at YES!Delft we have a lot of different services that we offer to startups inside the building. Via our community platform you can book meeting rooms, etc.

Is it possible to visit YES!Delft on my own or with a group?

YES!Delft organizes tours of the building upon specific request. 

CORONAVIRUS NOTE: Considering the coronavirus pandemic we’re not allowed to organize live tours anymore. If you want to experience the inside of the building you can visit the Online Tour Page on our website.

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