Startup Programs

As a founder, time is your most valuable asset. Our programs are specifically designed to allow you to spend time on your business during the program. Since 2005, we have been developing programs that create tomorrow’s leading firms. We support you in every startup stage – from ideation to scaling up. 

Your team, your timing, your business model, and your network create the success you so desperately need. During the programs, you’ll get the know-how to enable you to create better teams, make faster decisions, find the right business model sooner and you’ll connect with the right people.

Why should I join YES!Delft with my startup?

YES!Delft takes pride in its startups, mentors, Entrepreneurs in Residence, corporate partner, service partners, experts, and methodology. Thanks to this ecosystem, we can support tech entrepreneurs to build tomorrow’s leading companies. We are a non-profit organization and we take zero equity from your startup. Our focus is to empower and enable founders to contribute to a better world.

I have a tech startup and I would like to join YES!Delft. What should I do?

When you have a tech startup based on an innovative and scalable business idea, and you have considered your business model and market, you are welcome to apply for our programs. Find more information on our services here or fill in our application form directly here. As soon as we’ve read your document, you will receive a follow-up email about the procedure.

I am by my self and I don’t have a team. Can I apply?

No, diverse and multi-disciplinary greatly outperform single co-founder teams, globally and our data suggests this as well. If you cannot manage to convince people to join you on your mission and put trust in their capabilities, you cannot build a team and a company. Y-Combinator, Techstars, and other leading incubators worldwide adopt this “no single co-founders” policy as well. Link this to co-lab workshop.

How does the application process work?

Once you fill out a form for any of our programs on the website, one of our startup scouts will evaluate your application and get in touch with you to either follow up on your answers or ask you for an intake. From then on, the time from application until admission into the incubator depends on the programs we have open and their deadlines. However, if the intake with one of the startup scouts is successful, you will be asked to fill out our template pitch deck. The scout will evaluate it, and decide if you can join the Selection Day for the program that you are applying for, where you and your co-founder will pitch in front of a jury. The jury will then decide if you are accepted into YES!Delft or not. No worries, after the Selection Day, there’s only a couple of days until you find out the final decision.

How do you deal with the intellectual property?

At YES!Delft, we advise startups to file for patents (when this is the case) or to have the freedom to operate for their innovations, as soon as they can. We don’t support financially the patent application process, but we do help our startups with recommendations of specialised lawyers and they can get more support in the community for specific deep tech industries.

Is it mandatory to incorporate our company in the Netherlands?

Yes, our mission is to support the startups with the infrastructure we have here, in The Netherlands.

Can I get a startup visa via YES!Delft

Yes, we are a facilitator organization for startup visa support for the startups selected in one of our programs.  

What type of startups are you looking for?

We are a tech incubator who is always excited to invite startups running within complex technology ideas that are competitive, unique, and scalable. You can check our focus areas here

Startups who are aiming to relocate to the Netherlands, have two committed founders and are also pivotal to add value to our ecosystem as a regional tech incubator.

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