Kerim Haccou (CEO), Benjamin Wols (CTO)

Ans Exam

Ans Exam helps teachers give great feedback to their students.
Feedback greatly increases learning performance.
Getting feedback helps to identify mistakes, rectify them and learn from them. Students that receive good feedback outperform those that don’t.
Time is a critical factor: the sooner and more often feedback is given, the bigger its impact on students learning performance will be.
However… giving and getting great feedback is harder than you may think.
Providing good feedback to all students can be a daunting task. Teachers spend a large chunk amount of time reviewing hundreds of exams and doing all the administration. This reduces a teacher’s capability to provide their students with proper feedback.
Our online learning platform Ans is the solution that unburdens teachers, reduces administrative work and helps them provide the best possible feedback to their students.

The Ans Team
A passion for learning, a creative mindset and a relentless drive to push through when others quit. These are the foundational principles on which Ans Delft was founded.
Our team consists of dedicated professionals that all have a close involvement with higher education. Together we work to unleash every students full potential and thus increase their positive impact on society.


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