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Chokri Mousaoui (CEO), Stefan Roest (CTO)


Eternal Sun is a high-tech organization based in The Hague, the Netherlands. Eternal Sun is specialized in solar simulation and PV module testing. The company currently has two brands in her portfolio: Eternal Sun which aims at innovative steady state solar simulation solutions for the R&D and certification market and Spire Solar which aims at the solar module manufacturing market. The two brands address different markets and offer different techniques, and together are able to offer quality control, insight and confidence across the entire solar industry.
Eternal Sun provides their customers with high-end solar testing equipment, training and services for the purpose of testing performance & quality of solar technology and Eternal Sun is a know-how partner for institutes, insurance companies and investors enabling quality assurance and bankability on solar modules.
Eternal Sun believes that, in a few years’ time, solar energy will be cheaper than any of the fossil fuels available. The technical enablers for this will be lower module prices, higher module efficiency and lower degradation rates. Innovation will therefore be one of the most influential driver. Eternal Sun Group is determined to play an enabling role in this transition.


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